How is timber processed?

1. Felling of the Trees – In order to get the timber trees are knocked, cut or made to fall down. this process is called the felling of the trees. When cutting trees down you must take into consideration the age of the trees and is the sap of the tree at rest? Tree felling should always be done by experienced individuals who knows the right protocols.

2. Timber Seasoning – When a tree has been taken down it contains about 50% or more of water in the form of sap and moisture. Before the timber can be used this water needs to be removed. The process of drying out the timber is called the seasoning of the timber. Any water that cannot be removed during this process has to be evenly distributed in the timber to avoid irregularities.

3. Conversion of Timber – Once the timber has been dried the timber is then sawn into suitable sections by power machines so it can be used. This process is known as the conversion of timber.

4. Preservation of Timber – Once all the above steps are complete it is then essential to preserve the timber, this makes the timber durable, increases the life span and protects the timber from fungi, insects etc. There are a number of ways that timber can be preserved, but it is essential that whatever type of preservation is used that the timber is durable, is non-flammable, is capable of covering a large area, and is safe.

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